Thursday, May 30, 2013


Okay, so I seriously didn't think this through. I thought, "Oh yeah, I made that Giant Vintage Star tute twice now, I can totally take that and make the pattern from Roskelley's book, well, big." That I did. If I keep going with this (I ran out of yellow and I was 18" short of the aqua...gotta make a hobby lobby run for some Kona) my quilt is going to measure 109" sq before I sew it together. Now if I can figure out my math, it should end up being about 100" sq when finished...maybe? In any case, it's HUGE! Way too big to sew on my little machine. Ugh. But I LOVE it! And I do want something larger than the original Giant Star, but not quite as big as this. So what to do? Add on a top and bottom row, making it rectangular instead of square? Maybe just make a two-sided Giant Star quilt? Any ideas how to make it smaller without making the exact same thing a THIRD time?

Oh yeah, you are seeing four different aqua colors. I'm really trying to curb my fabric spending habit and using what I have, hence the 4 shades of aqua. I'll make it work :)


  1. Oh, I love the colors! I have no idea how to remedy the size, but It sure is pretty big!

  2. Holy moly that would be a big quilt!

  3. I see that you have three options. Don't add the border, keep it as it is, off-center, or make a big quilt. Either way it's going to be pretty awesome!