Friday, April 5, 2013

There's more!

I finished this.
Sewed this together, for no apparent reason.
And started this for our dear friend Joyce who has stage 4 lung cancer.  Her office is having an auction to raise money for her. I am donating this quilt, that is not sewn together.
What did you work on this week?


  1. I LOVE (wish I could emphasis that more) those hst's!! And I love the colors up top!! Great job! Sorry about your friend. A little girl in our ward was just diagnosed with leukemia. Ellie prayers for her every night, hasn't missed.

  2. Love those Thirties florals! You've been busy! The dress up days quilt looks cute, too. I think it's good to have blankies on hand, just in case. That's my plan this year.

  3. Me too, blankies on hand. I used to have a big stack of flannel blankets all crocheted and ready to go, tags and everything. It makes it so easy for baby showers!