Friday, April 5, 2013

Hi my name is jenni and I'm addicted

To fabric! We may need an intervention.  What follows are pictures of all the fabric I have received in the last two weeks.
"Soaked" by jenni (with an I) was a must!
"Lullaby baby"
"Bohemian Soul" for my low volume stash.  It is SOOO soft
Cheery Christmas to back my unmade Christmas quilt, this is my kinda fabric, see those cute little creatures?
More matsuri, to back and bind my what have haven't made yet.  Also by Jenni Calo
More low volume
Modcentury, I have the cutest quilt in my head, and this is the backing
Random blue and green for Heathers H quilt
Backing for seaside.  There is a funny story to this, I forgot I bought this last week, and I ordered 1 1/2 more yards  yesterday.
Textiles, my monkey see monkey do fabric, thanks mindy
Pam Kitty fabric PLEASE do not google Pam kitty love images.  Unless you get off on pictures of hermaphrodites!
Tasha Noel for riley Blake, with some trim
And my new favorite, Lecien. Oh those itty bitty flowers and pastel colors. So yummy!
And a pattern
I learned that I need to get rid of my PayPal account.  I also am narrowing down what I really love and am trying to only buy those fabrics, when they are on sale.


  1. Hahahaha!! I feel much better about myself, thank you Jenni!! I only bought Soaked, and a layer cake of Posy last week :) oh, I did get some of those sashiko stars lawn fabric, so soft!! And Lecien is one of my ALL time favs!! You know, if you saw my fabric stash, you'd probably feel better about your purchases:)

  2. HOLY MOLY! What a great post, I love seeing what you guys buy! All those soft tiny florals. Whatever the ducks and florals are- so boobee!!! You should not have bought the velocity. I would have happily split my fabric in half and sent you FQ's. My craft store, Bennions, has Pan Kitty Love, so luckily I don't have to google it.
    We should all take a picture of our stashes and post it. Are we enabling each other?!?

  3. Yes, we are enabling each other! I make all my purchases with you girls in mind. Everytime I go to any fabric shop you both are in my back pocket. I am learning your style and can say, Mindy would love this, Jenn would buy this! It isn't a bad thing. BTW I tried like crazy to post words under my pictures and it didn't work. Plus they didn't post in order. I am not good at this blogging thing.

  4. I do not go to fabric shops, but I do think to myself, "What would Mindy and Jenni have to say about this purchase?" And then I buy it anyway :) I'm not sure you guys really want a pictures of my stash, it's ginormous and I'd have to do a color a day or something.

    1. Oh please please please let us see your stash, Jenn! It will give me ammunition to buy buy buy!