Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Road 15 by sweetwater

Here's the box.  It was packed tight with scraps.
Here are the "small" scraps. They are long thin strips if almost every fabric In the line.
Here's the green
And the turquoise
The grays
The reds
All together
It's a ton of fabric, that I LOVE!  The little houses and the trees are so darling.
If I put it end to end it would go a mile!
The widest piece is 6 inches, and 95% of the are 45 inches.
Thank you Sweetwater, your the best!


  1. I think you just got a major boost to your scrap stash!! I'm so jealous! How fun!!

  2. That is a ton of fabric!!! How awesome! What a great line, too.