Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coming home

I came home to several packages of fabric.
Here are the pictures:
More seaside for backing and binding 3 quilts
More locally grown for my embroidered, s is for stitch, quilt

And this book I got for $5 And these fish I saw on fabric.com for cheap, they came with the seaside. They are 10 times cuter than I expected And these from pickyourplum.com They are actually vases that hold water and flowers. You never know when you are going to need a vase. Miss you, xo


  1. The fish are darling!! And I almost bought that book!! How is it??

  2. Locally grown is so darling, but THE FISH! What a great print! What is it/who makes it?

    1. Mins, it's Hoodies' Collection Go Fish Goldfish White. It was on sale at Fabric.com, but not now.
      Jenn, I love the book, it has very simple quilt patterns, which makes me happy. I haven't read much, but the few things I have read I want to try. Like her take on pinning her pieces.