Saturday, March 2, 2013

Word Dump-Jenn

I found this exercise to be challenging. Not because I couldn't come up with a list, but because I found it difficult not to 'explain' my words. I think it's because I already know what I like and don't like. Most of us do. I also don't like being defined or categorized. I only like being called a few things, namely 'mother' and 'wife'. 'Friend' isn't a bad one either, and I'll take 'quilter', but don't want any qualifiers on it. Maybe that's the problem, I reserve the right to change my tastes at any moment, therefore do not want to be anything other than a general quilter. All that being said, I do know my likes and dislikes, and they don't change that frequently. So here we go! My condensed words are....

My most favorite quilts to view are full of color! Charm quilts are among my most favorite. My favorite fabric to buy is colorful. I am in love with color. Whether a quilt is bright, dark, pastel, solid, dichromatic, rainbows, or monochromatic, (all words I wrote down) as long as it's saturated in color, I will love it. Upon further reflection, however, my favorite quilts I've created have been mostly blue, green, and brown. I am drawn to the earth browns, leaf greens, and sky blues. But then I'm currently working on an orange, pink, red, and yellow quilt, and have a million more in my head! I just love color!!

I'm drawn to quilts that create movement and flow. Whether they be improv, like this, this, and this, or ones that have clearer patterns and designs in them, such as stars. I enjoy the skill it takes to use print scale appropriately, but I do prefer small/medium scale prints. I appreciate the good use of negative space and love wholecloth quilts. I love the crinkly, cozy, worn look of a washed, heavily quilted quilt. 

I have noticed that I love scrappy quilts, but not just patchwork. I like tons of different fabrics in traditional blocks. Improv is not my most favorite, not that I can't find those I don't like (see above), but overall, I am more drawn to the Farmer's Wife, Dear Jane, and Star blocks used with modern fabric. I like the intricate work of the blocks with the overall color scheme staying the same, so you notice the subtle differences within each block. I like the fabric play. And let's face reality here, I'm addicted to fabric, so I buy fabric first, then find a pattern I think will suit the fabric. 

Jenni is right, each of us have distinctly different styles and tastes, and I'm looking forward to appreciating and supporting each other as we express a part of ourselves in our quilts! 


  1. This is so fun and interesting! Reading your thoughts reminded me of things I forgot to include or didn't think about. Our lists have a lot in common, but are also very opposite! You like brown, I like black. You like planned, I like improv. Restrained for me, not for you. Lotta for me, Riley Blake for you. One thing we agree on that I don't think we've discussed, I don't find Amy Butler's fabrics too terribly useful in quilting either.

    1. Hahaha! I knew as soon as you started quilting that we'd have drastically different quilting tastes, due to our decorating styles. Not that I don't like the Swedish/Minimalist look, but I could never live in it, just like you couldn't have a colorful scrappy quilt on your couch. But i've really enjoyed seeing the things we agree on (are they universal to all quilters?) and am excited to see all the quilts you create! And I'm SO glad I'm not the only one! I never did hop on the Amy Butler train.

  2. I am loving this exercise! As soon as you say it I can see what you are saying! I love that Jenn put links! It makes me feel like I have a closer connection to you. Even though we don't talk on the phone everyday, you are part of my everyday life. It makes me HAPPY!