Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Trim Bin Saves the Day

My dear husband, gosh I love that man.  But he passed along those tall/skinny jeans, and trying to keep Whittaboo in clothes that fit is a beastly task.  In the past two weeks, Lou and Whit have put holes in the knees of every. pair. of. jeans. they. own.  After trying on probably 35 pairs of jeans this week we found none that truly fit Whit.  Two are workable, if we cinch the waist tabs to the max AND she wears a belt.  PHEW!  Along the way I found a darling little dress that I hoped would work for Easter.  She tried it on and...

*Le sigh*  Too short.  Not by a ton, but two years ago when I bought her dress this early she outgrew it by Easter.  She really loved it, and wanted to put leggings underneath (ugg), but then the clouds parted and the angels sang and I remembered....

The trim bin.  Oh, how I missed you while you were packed away in storage!

Jampacked full of vintage lacy goodness. Yes, jampacked is one word.

 Does that say made in France?  Why, yes it does.  Denver Thrift Stores, you were so good to me.  I miss you.

At first I tried this pretty piece that some thrifty lady salvaged from the bottom of her slip.  It was too short.  Then I found this piece.

It was the right color, the right width, and I had plenty of it.  I narrowly zigzagged (word? This time I'm not sure) it to the bottom of the lining.  Zigzagging seemed like the right thing to do, Jenni?   A half hour later and the dress looked like this:

Super cute, right?  I'm pretty pleased with myself.  Sometimes I'm so glad I'm a hoarder.  And now for some gratuitous lace and trim pictures.  Jenni, eat your heart out. (That is, once you see this post.  I know Duck Dynasty is premiering tonight.)

What the heck IS this thing?

I totally love this one!

Some day I'm gonna get me a guitar and learn all the chords to Cracklin' Rosie just so I can make my own guitar strap with that stuff on the bottom left.


  1. I LOVE the dress!! So darling! And Whitney looks so beautiful. I also love all the lace. Oh, how I love lace! So fun!! You will make great use out of that over the years, no doubt.

  2. OK, I have a lot of comments! I would have made a regular seam and then zig zagged! But just zig zag will work. I love the dress, the fabric is darling. Whitney looks so old, it is just shocking! Genius to add the lace. I am so jealous of all that lace I could die. I have a nice little stash starting. I think that the lace on card board cards is genius. I am going to copy that. I am trying to reorganize the craft room so I can fit more fabric. Just what I need, more fabric. Jenn, how did you fit all that fabric in your little house?
    Cameron does make me watch duck dynasty for family night but I did not know tonight was the premier! jeez!
    The cracklin rose, comment I died laughing! You could always make Heather a guitar strap!