Sunday, September 21, 2014

My oldest WIP

I'm not sure when I made this quilt top.  I don't know if Kirsten was even born yet!  I knew NOTHING about quilting.  This truly is a scrap quilt.  90% of the fabric is leftover from making my sister's or daughter's clothes.  When I pulled it out to make a quilt sandwich I found so many problems.  Then I remembered why I had never finished it.  I pieced the borders, so silly!  I didn't own a rotary cutter and mat so the squares are not even.  I even found holes in the piecing. Most of the fabric is a poly cotton blend, heehee. There are yellow stains that I thought were from aging.  Actually, that is a funny story.  It's yellow spray paint.  My MIL was planning a visit to our little condo and I wanted to stencil yellow sunflowers on the walls, don't laugh, it was the 90's.  I was standing on the high chair, I didn't own a ladder and could not afford one. I pulled something out of the closet and a can of yellow spray paint fell out and hit the high chair.  You know those warnings on spray paint bottles about not puncturing them. Well, it's true, don't do it.  That can went flying through the air, bouncing off the walls, spraying a lovely fine mist all over everything until the can was completely empty.  A FULL CAN!  Man I wish I had a picture. Usually when I tell people this story they say, "don't you know you are not supposed to store spray paint in your house".  Well, no! Anyway, here it is in all it's glory.  I am so happy that it I finally finished!

What was I thinking with that purple and blue row?  I wish I had used a vintage sheet for the back, but alas I did not!
Miss you lovelies,


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I have like 12 cans of spray paint in my house right now. If one of them punctured and sprayed all over my house just before a visit from my MIL, I would have a complete panic attack.
    I think the quit is very sweet. Just think of a sweet little grand daughter wrapped up in it. In a dress you smocked. With a burp cloth you crocheted. That would be ADORABLE! I like the look of the blues and purple. It seems balanced. A vintage sheet would have been perfect, but the backing you chose works perfectly.

  2. Also, I'm a sucker for that rosebud fabric.

  3. I had no idea you weren't supposed to store spray paint in your house.... Guess I'd better remedy that situation quick. I love this! I have a couple of darling little dresses that I kept from Ellie, but not nearly enough to make into anything. I guess I thought I was gonna have more girls or something. Anyway, you know how I like purple and blue :)