Friday, May 2, 2014

A lesson in applique
I have appliqued a few things in my life.  I've never had a lesson or read how to do it.  So I really have no idea what I'm doing.  The Girls camp leader, my friend Brandi, asked me if I would help her with the girls camp flag.  She brought it over and laid it on the table.  The girls had used a marker to trace the flower petals and had left little spots of marker on the edges.  They also had done a 12-13 yr. job of cutting, shockingly!  I thought it really needed to be appliqued on for it to look half way decent, so I volunteered.  At this point it was just the lotus flower and leaf.  Totally doable.  I told my friend to take it home and clean up the marker and straighten the edges and iron on the flower with light weight wonder under.  She laughed and said, " I don't have an ironing board".  YOU DON'T HAVE AN IRONING BOARD?  How does this happen?  Brandi is a beautiful, well put together woman, she always looks fabulous.  I iron my outfit EVERY DAY!  So I asked her why she never looks wrinkled. She says she has this setting on her dryer, wrinkle shield with steam.  She says its amazing.  And she sends her husbands shirts to the dry cleaner.  I think, I have a new dryer, I wonder if it has a "with steam" button.  Sure enough.  Life changing, I tell you, life changing!
I told Brandi to watch a youtube video on wonder under and she would be able to accomplish this task.  She later thanks me for turning her on to the amazing world of youtube.
The Lotus flower turned out awesome and ended up being very easy to applique.  I dropped it off at her house and she asks if I think it would be ok if she paints the words on.  I gasped in horror!  This work of art ruined with PAINT!  No way.  So Brandi cut out the letters, stuck them on with wonder under and brought the flag back over for me to applique.  Much harder job,  more time consuming, but I learned a lot.
The moral of the story:  if someone asks you if you sew say no and run for the hills!
Not really, I love it and I really love helping my friends!
Have a happy day my lovelies!


  1. I love it! And I checked my dryer, I don't have that setting.... I may need a new one. So here's a little tip. You can cut the shape out so that it doesn't show and to reduce bulk (unless you wanted the lilypad to show under the lighter petals). XO