Sunday, February 2, 2014

Not vintage, just old

My sweet mother-in-law had this quilt on our bed last time we went to visit.  She had been visiting my house a couple months before and saw my obsession with quilting so she wanted to share this quilt.  She made it for her parents for their 40th wedding anniversary.  It has all the descendants names on it.  She doesn't remember how she made it.  I am very fascinated.  All of those blocks are folded and "puffy". I wish I had a better picture but there was an inversion layer and I didnt dare ask her to take it outside.
Have a happy day,


  1. Each block is stitched by hand and then she machine sewed the blocks together.

  2. What a lot of work! I think this is a cathedral window, right?

  3. Is it puffy paint? Some of that fabric is darling!

    1. Not puffy paint, The squares are puffy because of the folded fabric. It does weigh a ton!

  4. There's a lot of fabric in that quilt - I bet it is heavy - Cathedral window quilts usually have lots of fabric in them and take a long time to make. She has quite an heirloom.

  5. What a great quilt!! I've always wanted a cathedral window quilt (ok, I always want all quilts :)