Tuesday, November 12, 2013


After 3 days of barf and the runs from a 2-almost-3-year-old (thank goodness I haven't potty trained the kid yet) followed by a wicked cough and runny nose (still has that), imagine my glee at opening my forgotten mailbox and finding packages! For me, no less! Woohoo!!

I won two giveaways this month (my husband really wants me to play the lottery). The first from Frybread Quilts and the second from Quilt Story. So exciting! 

From Rebecca at Frybread Quilts I won some swag from market and a FQish bundle of Lily Gonzales-Creed's upcoming line "Ninjas Don't Sweat". Oh my. I love ninjas. And samurai. And Japanese kick-buttness techniques. My husband and I have seen every single Zatoichi movie ever (there's 26), and the tv series. If you don't know who that is, don't worry about it. We also like the majority of other Asian, I don't even know what it's called. Awesomeness. 

 Aren't those hidden ninjas like, the cutest things ever?! You can check out her full line here. Which has a great hand, by the way. The line is manufactured by Windham and it feels like the old Heather Ross line did long ago. So velvety soft.

So Rebecca added an Aurifil thread color card (totally excited about that, since I'm planning a major purchase of thread soon), along with a magazine, book, pattern, some cute buttons, a Kona charm pack (hook up, who doesn't want that?!), and some 2 1/2" rectangle scraps *of the new Botanics line!! Mindy, totally jealous of your charm packs!! You were right, it's a great line!!* Anyway, Rebecca is awesome and you should go check out her cute site (the header changes with every page you go to, pretty cool).

 And while I won the Connecting Threads FQ sampler from Quilt Story, they (Connecting Threads) still haven't contacted me, so I have nothing to show. Boo. Oh well, hopefully soon. I know the holidays are a busy time of year.

In the meantime, however, I decided to just buy myself some fabric. I've decided to do a low-volume quilt. Well, sorta. The background is going to be low-volume.

I've kind of struggled with this decision, because I'm not all that into low volume, except for this, this, this, this, this, and this. All of which make my eyes pop out of my head and profess my love to those quilts. Okay, before you judge me, yes, {no} hats in the house has made almost all my most favorite low volume quilts. And yes, I think Sarah is amazing. And yes, I secretly wish we were friends in either real life or virtual life. She's funny and inspiring!

Anyway, onto fabric. I should be buying warm, creamy low volumes, which is what I REALLY like, but I'm making a quilt for Dalin for Christmas and it's mainly gray, so....

While these giraffes and tigers are not going into the Boy's quilt, they will make it into one for Nugget. 

*edited to add


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  2. Let's see if my comment shows up this time....
    That is a pretty great haul of market swag. I understand why you guys like those ninja kung fu whatever movies. The few I've seen have been pretty entertaining. The hidden ninjas print is pretty great. I'm very curious to see what you have planned for your low volume quilt. You linked to a blog I am not familiar with, fun! Email Quilt Story, for sure.

  3. Sooo I am totally bright red over here! Gush, you are so sweet :) We can totally be friends if you ever find yourself in the midwest. (Super jealous of your giveaway winnings, by the way! Lucky you!)

  4. What a great haul, how very generous! I am excited to see your low volume quilt. I love all those links. Very talented girls!