Saturday, October 26, 2013


Today I feel so blessed to wake up in Rexburg, Idaho.  Heather and I got to fly up to see Kirsten and Seth, we had to get a look at the baby bump, and maybe feel a few little kicks.  The weather is perfect.  My sweet sister, Mindy and her crew are driving up tonight to hang out with us.  I am soooo excited to see her.
I do have a Friday finish.  I really wanted to get Heathers rain quilt, the beast, finished before our little weekend get-away, and I did manage it!  So here are a million pictures.


  1. Look at you beautiful girls!! And I honestly don't think I've ever seen Matt in a plaid shirt...let alone an orange and brown one! And Kirsten's little baby bump! She's so darling!

    Great finish!! I hope Heather loves it!! I know I do! Give every hugs!

  2. I really love how it turned out! The green binding is fab. I bet she lives it!

    Where's all the crazy pics, Jenni?!?

    1. I cannot reveal the crazy pictures!