Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hex in the City

I'm sitting in the Denver airport on a long layover.  Matt's watching the Broncos and I'm assessing my hexie situation.  I feel pretty good about what I was able to get done during my DC/NYC get away.  I basted about 80 hexies and pieced three flowers.  

In Jenn's WIP post last week, she asked why people hand piece.  For me, it's something quilty to do while sitting with my husband at night.  It's portable and keeps me busy while I wait in the car at the bus stop.  It's a perfect way to spend a long layover; having said a tearful goodbye to my best friend, I sit and piece and regain composure.  

Isn't it wonderful that quilting gives comfort in the making, in the giving, in the receiving, and in the snuggling?  That can happen any way you do it, by machine or by hand, with great skill or meager talent, the first quilt you make and the last.   



  1. So true! I'm sorry you lived so far from your sweet friend!

  2. I love quilting! So glad you could reconnect with E.