Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I made a goal at the beginning of the summer, well really a restriction! I decided I absolutely HAD to finish six of my twelve WIP's before the end of the summer and before I started any new projects. Well, I finished two.  So much for goals.  I've never been good with goals, deadlines yes, goals never.  Such a bummer.  So I changed my goals, I have to finish one WIP before I start any new quilts.  One for one.  It's working much better and now I feel a sense of accomplishment!   So what are your goals (restrictions)?
Here's the WIP that I am finishing this week!


  1. Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced

  2. I love pinwheels! It looks great! Funny, I have a bunch of those fabrics! My restrictions/goals? Well, I don't have too many restrictions, which could be why I have so many WIPs, but one of my goals is to use up all my charm packs and layer cakes. I've got a ton!

  3. Awesome job on the pinwheels! My first quilt (the only one I've finished actually) is made with pinwheels ~ they're just so fun!!

  4. This is so cute! At the begining of the summer I made a list of WIPs and crossed them out, and now I need to do that again, because the new exciting projects always jump the queue...

  5. Looks great! Maybe I need to try that 1 for 1 system too -- my wips/ufos are out of control.

  6. I think the one for one goal is a great idea. I like goals better than restrictions. Did you have a reward in mind for those goals this summer? I just found a "finish it up" linky party. Too bad I missed the deadline, but I guess it runs every quarter. You link a post that describes your goals for the quarter, and then at the end of the quarter you link your finishes. Then, for every finish, your name goes in a hat for a prize. I think that it's brilliant.

    My goal for the fall was to learn how to hand quilt, and to learn how to FPP. I learned FPP and EPP, which I am thrilled about! I still have time for the hand quilting.

    I love your border of cars driving around the pinwheels. It is so cute! Is this quilt for anyone in particular?

  7. Love the fun fabric you used!

    I understand about making goals/restrictions. I find that if I have a "deadline" like making something by show date, or by this date, I am much more focused. Another arbitrary goal I have is to post progress on my blog once a week. This keeps me moving and doing SOMETHING more each week so I can SEE my progress.