Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Colored Mums

First off, a big thank you to all those who left advice on my last WIP post! I've started machine-quilting my son's quilt and he is so. excited! And I am too, what a burden lifted! Seriously, thank you wonderful quilty friends!!

I feel like it's been forever since I started this quilt top, when in reality, it's really only been about a week. I keep reminding myself that I posted about it last WIP Wednesday and that I've made good progress considering my most favoritest brother in the universe (shh...don't tell my other three brothers) is finally home from his mission, and Saturday and Sunday were General Conference (and in this house, we watch in real time...mostly).

Now I just need to piece the backing, which I'm going to be using up the rest of the fat quarters that I didn't need for the stars and the extra star that I made...maybe. Plus bits and pieces from my stash/scrap bin. Or maybe I'll just run down to HL (because my city doesn't believe in LQSs) and pick up a solid piece of Kona. I dunno. I'm indecisive.

Anyway, I had a hard time trying to figure out placement, but thought I hadn't done a border in a super long time, so went with that instead of sashing. I'm happy with it. It works for me. Although I'm still not sure how the finished top ended up so different than the design wall.... Actually now that I think about it, I vacuumed. And everything went flying off my wall. And I neglected to refer back to my picture. Bummer.

Finished top (almost, gotta square up that little corner over there)-I've decided I'm gonna call it Mums. It reminds me of all the chrysanthemums you see on front porches in the fall.

By request, here's one of my recent fabric purchases. I found a pretty good deal on the Kona 2013 Colors. At least it was $20 cheaper than almost anywhere else, so that's good in my book. I'm still waiting for my yardage of Scrumptious to arrive. Waiting...and waiting.... It's about killing me.

But in the mean time, I'm just petting the new Kona Colors and thinking, "How in the world is this a new color? They really didn't have this color before!? How is that possible, it's like one of my favorite colors?!" I love almost all of them (one green in particular isn't my most fav) and even want to paint a room in some.

 Once again my Little Nugget was trying to photobomb my pictures. He's pretty cute though, so I don't mind.

 See that quilt to the left? I GOTTA start quilting it at some point (one of the tens of WIPs I have)!

Just trying out some fabric for the backing. Don't mind the vacuum, books, kid stuff, etc.

Well, that's that. Oh yeah, my SIL just had a baby girl yesterday!! Named her Claire (I swear, they keep stealing from my list). So now I know what kind of quilt to make her (they never find out what they're having). I've already pulled the fabrics for it, now to decide on a pattern, and quickly.

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  1. I love the mum quilt! and what a cutie to be photo bombing, my grand daughter loves posing with my quilts.

  2. That is the perfect name for this quilt! I really like the border instead of sashing. I'd like to get a good look at that top that's waiting to be quilted! Love your adorable photo bomber.

  3. OK, I just need to say ditto to Mindy! Mum is a perfect name for that quilt, totally reminds me of chrysanthemums! I, like Mindy want to see that baby jane quilt all laid out. And I just adore that blonde boy!