Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let's Talk About Hex

Yes, I've started a hexagon quilt.  And yes, I've named it Let's Talk About Hex.  I'm using The Birds and The Bees line, so I had to.  It practically named itself.

Since I'm not going to Sewing Summit because my husband has a dumb conference (bitter, party of one...?) I decided I needed to teach myself something.  The idea for a hexie quilt has been floating around in my mind for a while.  Something like this:

Hexagons scattered randomly across the lower right side of a quilt top of Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Flax

Even though EPP kinda scares me, I really like the idea of portable handwork, especially with my upcoming trip to DC and NYC.  It took me all night to get this far.  One ALMOST pieced flower.

I wanted to try to make one entire flower to make sure I enjoy this process before I cut, glue, cut again, and baste 200 hexies.  Turns out I have about a bajillion questions.  Questions that could be easily answered by some smarty farty quilter at Sewing Summit, were I going.  Since I am not, I turn to you, my fellow bloggers.  I know Jenni, that you are making hexies.  Jenn, I'm unsure of your EPP knowledge.  

How tiny do these stitches have to be?  Sue Daley says pick up two threads.  That seems next to near impossible.

How far apart should they be?

Mine are still visible from the front.  Is that to be expected?

Should I do high contrast or low for the centers?  Should I take out the pinky-orangey?   I've realized it's hard for me to restrain my palette and my quilts always end up rainbowy. 

Do you do that fancy knicker knot?  

Do you pierce your paper when you baste? 

I'm assuming I'll get better as I practice.  Right?

What thread are you using?

XOXO- Pinspot

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 PS- AM I THE LUCKIEST WINNER IN THE WORLD OR WHAT?!?!  What would be better than a fat eighth bundle of Scrumptious?  I mean, besides a fat quarter bundle? 

Planning Stage:
Still thinking about a quilt for Matt.  If I could learn how to import text in a free vector drawing software then I'd be in business.
Pouch for my new hexie project!

Cutting Stage:
Bye Baby Bunting- need a few more triangles
Dresden Sheets- rethinking the layout on this one.  Cut out the extra pinks, find some more purple
Let's Talk About Hex

Piecing stage:
Lotta Confetti- Looking for the perfect surrounding fabric. 

Top Done:
Starburst of Indie- Need to piece the back- Donating to Margaret's Hope Chest in October
AMH Tiles - piece a back and learn how to hand quilt!
Way old Christmas WIP

Rose -Colored Glasses
Kdub's baby quilt


What if I took out the pink and purple but left the orange for warmth?  


  1. Ok, seriously, I was just talking to Jenni about my hexie quilt. Except I'm using Ruby. And I decided that I'm using my layer cake of Scrumptious for clamshells, so excited!!

    Well, you know how I feel about pink and purple. Why are you so prejudice?! ;) I like all of them together, besides, if you take out pink and purple, you'll be left with pink and purple in your stash, just saying. And I'm so surprised that you tend to go rainbowy, that sounds just like me! Turns out we're more alike than we thought....

    Anyway, I'll try to answer some of your questions.

    You will get better as you practice. You want your stitches close, but not too close. I like to do my stitches pretty close together, and you're stab stitching, so it's easier. But basically, you just don't want them to come apart when you wash the quilt and your kids love on it. So if you think you can get away with more space, go for it (and you'll be quilting or sewing it down onto the quilt anyway, right?). I've never done the knicker knot, but maybe I'll try it out. Sometimes I get my paper, but I'm not too worried about it. I use whatever thread I happen to have on hand....

    Honestly, it looks good to me. I've only pieced a few together, so I'm not an expert, but that's my 2 cents for what it's worth.

    AND YES! You truly are the luckiest girl in the world!!

    1. I don't know what stab stitching is.

      I'm leaning towards taking out just the pink, and leaving the purple in.

    2. Also, CLAMSHELLS! You are a confident women.

    3. I've wanted a clamshell quilt forever! Guess what?! I won the "First quilt" links party giveaway!! YAY!

    4. YAY! What did you win? I have a feeling it was a little David Butler fabric. That's two in one month for you!

    5. Hahaha! You guessed it! I won 6x6 charms of 12 prints PLUS a picture of David Butler to do with as I please.... Not really sure what that's gonna be....

    6. HA HA HA! That is hilarious!

    7. Jenn, will you post the link so we can see what you won?

    8. is the link. I feel awful that blogger won't let me comment. I've tried from 3 different computers with no luck. Boo.

  2. I really like your design and the flower you've made is beautiful. It's going to be a fab quilt :)

  3. I love your layout idea.. I have been working for a few months on my own hexie quilt. I am doing a similar layout, but basting doing the whole top in EPP hexagons with white on white in the background.
    While I am no expert, I do not baste through the paper, I find it is easier, and I plan to leave my basting in once it is all stitched so that it keeps the corners nice and flat. I would recommend starching your hexies before sewing them together, it makes it easier to grab just a couple threads if the sides hexies are stiff with sharp edges.

    It is not a fast project, but just keep plugging away piece by piece and you will get there.

    1. Great advice, I didn't think about starch! Thanks!

  4. I just started a hexie project too, my first ever! You fabrics are so pretty, and I like the layout sketch. I do like the purples in there, but

  5. I love your layout! I love the fabric, but I would take out the gold. Your first flower looks perfect. I remember somewhere hearing that you should have 10 to 12 stitches per inch but I just pulled out my hexies and I have approx. 18 stitches per inch. I can see the stitches on the front but I think that will go away when I wash it. I glued mine instead of basting and I am very sorry I did that. I will be basting the rest of them. The glue is stiff and yucky. I like the idea of the startch. I used Gutermanns hand quilting thread. I like the way it glides through the fabric. I don't know what fancy knicker knot is. I don't pierce the paper. I really have no idea what I am doing, but I really love hand work, it is so realxing for me!

    1. 10-12 stitches per inch is for hand quilting. What kind of glue did you use??

    2. There is a blog out there somewhere that suggested using a glue stick. Bad idea!

    3. Did you use a glue stick for the sides? I use one to position my fabric before I baste. I'm also curious about the sew line glue pen.

    4. Also, someone emialed me because her browser wouldn't let her comment and said Tula herself told her that too many tiny stitches will chew up the fabric. I think I need to do some research about how many stitches is right.

    5. Yes please research it all and then tell us so we don't have to!

    6. Yeah, blogger is having problems. I can't comment on Melissa's post where I won the fabric. Anyway, I can only imagine that would be the case. I just do about what my machine would stitch.

  6. I can't comment on Melissa's post either. I love that fabric. I am dying to make Cameron a quilt but he said "no thanks I don't want one!"