Sunday, September 8, 2013


Here is the post in which I dump all the quilty inspiration photos I've been saving on my computer.  We're cleaning out iPhoto, and I've been meaning to blog about this anyway.
Do you see quilt patterns in unlikely places?
When we were in St. Petersburg last June, I was completely mesmerized by the Hermitage.  The building itself is so incredible that it actually upstages the astounding art collection it houses.  Here are a few pictures of the intricate floors.

Here's a pic of my photog friend's quilt.  She uses it in many of her family shoots.  It was made by her cousin's other grandma, and Wendy "stole" it, or so she says, when the grandma passed.  I think it is the loveliest use of purple in a quilt ever.  Great scrappy mix of HST's and squares. 

The other pics are ones I took out of a library book in the Denver area.  I don't know why I didn't bother to write down the name of the book.  And I'm not sure this is entirely legal. But I figure, if it's free to the public at the library, then I can make it free to myself on our little blog here.  

I'm kind of in love with the idea that the pattern is in the sashing.  

Flying geese blocks transform this oversize star block.  Very clean and modern for a quilt made in the 1850's.

Here's a cute little variation of a strip quilt that could be adapted to many patterns.  Applique-ing on top of the strip quilt is a great idea.  You could do flowers, or animals, or shapes, depending on the fabric you chose.  Kinda cutesy. 

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  1. Those are great!! The Lemoyne Star (aka Lone Star) has been on my quilting bucket list since I started. How I obtained part of my fabric stash long ago was choosing fabrics for a lone star. Turns out that my most favorite pattern is stars (of any sort).