Thursday, August 22, 2013


Fatquartershop is having a giveaway and you have to comment about your summer in verse. Rhyming verse. So I made a limerick. It's not a great one, but it is fun to write a little bit once in a while (it's been a long, LONG time since I've written anything). Anyway, here's my limerick. Winner is random. Write a little something and enter, it's fun!

Summer was filled with parties galore,
We were even able to see the seashore.
Alas school must start,
Which is good for my heart.
For my sewing machine thought me a bore.


  1. I saw that too. I did enter, but I wrote something real quick and not too clever, and I didn't mention sewing. Yours is cute and clever.

    I must agree, sewing will be on the uptick once school starts.

    1. Oh yeah, I've already done so much more sewing in the past week than I did all summer!

      Post your what you wrote, I'd love to read it!!

    2. Four sisters,
      Fort builders,
      movie watchers,
      pool swimmers.

      Play pretend,
      Barbies, Legos,
      Messy playroom
      Smiling faces.

      Up late,
      Bug bitten,
      Star gazing,
      S'more fingers.

      Cross country
      By air and car,
      cousins waited,
      Glad reunions.

      Four sisters,
      Backpacks ready,
      Momma cries,
      Both sad and happy.

      It doesn't rhyme, which annoys me.

  2. You all are so clever! When B was in grade school she had to write a limerick. First I called Aunt Ann, then mom. They just popped them out without thinking, I had been trying to help for 3 days. English is NOT my strong suit.

  3. OK, I caved!
    To the beach we did go,
    with two beautiful grandsons in tow!
    A family reunion with joyful tears,
    it has been 11 long years!
    In the Dessert is our great big lake,
    thank goodness we didn't see snake!
    A wedding in Utah couldn't be missed,
    How lucky we are to be so blessed!

  4. I love both your writings!! We are a talented bunch ;)