Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Quilt for Matt

Jenn, I love you.  Thank for making your husband a quilt so my husband would request one from me.  Searching for the right pattern and fabric has been so fun, and has stretched me creatively.  Matt's a picky one, hard to please with a very specific aesthetic.  I know it needs to be minimalistic and clean.  I know it needs to be very modern.  I know I need solids.  It's actually why I bought the black to grey solids layer cake.   And I know it needs to have a very soft backing, perhaps voile.  I've found two inspiration pictures.

Don't you love this tiled wall?!?  This one would be relatively easy.  All the HST's would be black and white.  The small stripes would be intense brights, nearly neons. The palette would depend on the backing I choose.  Do you know of any non-floral voiles?  This print from the new Koi line is in voile, but the colors aren't quite "Matt."  I think if I picked the cleaner, brighter hues of these colors it could work:

The second inspiration picture is a poster  titled "How Very Tokyo." It's a designer's perception of the city on paper.  I'm sort of in love with it.

Sourcing all those large text prints would be hard, but really fun! It might actually give me an excuse to use spoonflower.  I bought a ton of that Ikea text script, and it would be pretty useful for this.  But could I find enough text varieties to make it interesting?  Maybe if I included more color...? This quilt would definitely be more expensive, but I don't mind if I'm making it for him.  And neither will he!  Haha. 
Here's pic of that large ikea text print:

So what's your input?  Any backing suggestions?  Any ideas for text prints?  I really want to make both of them!


  1. I think you should make both!! I'm actually making Brian another one (his request). That tiled wall screams Matt! I think it's perfect. Just for ideas on fabric, go to and search for voile. It'll come back with a ton of stuff, both prints and solids. Also try their texts prints under "theme" on the left hand side, it's extensive.

    If he likes flannel, there's some amazingly soft, modern, manly prints nowadays. Stuff that you wouldn't know was "flannel". Anyway, I'm excited that it's not golf.... ;) XO

    1. He said no to flannel :(. Hawthorne Threads is where I found the koi print. They have the largest selection of voile I've seen. Solids are on option too.

    2. I actually love a pieced solid background. You could do voile solids in the colors from the front. There were some awfully bright ones I noticed (maybe not neon), but the eye could rest. Although I think the front will be amazing!

  2. How fun! Just figuring the whole thing out is so much fun! I love the tile pattern. Parson Gray has some awesome fabric. Good luck and keep us updated on the process.

  3. I love the the text and the HST quilts...double sided quilt time!

  4. How exciting and daunting to be making your husband a quilt at his request. Good luck.