Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I think it's high time for me to start joining Lee's weekly (although Wednesday's seem to come way too fast, so maybe monthly) WIP posts. My projects have become out of control! So here's to firsts, and hopefully not last. Oh yeah, some of these pictures I took from previous posts (I hope that's legal).

On the Cutting Mat:
"Grandparents" quilt for "Bubba" in baby size.
And the same fabrics (navy background), similar pattern for my sister's little boy due in 2 weeks

 Yep, STILL cutting Tula...

Planning Stage:
100 Quilts for Kids (4 year old friend with cancer)-most likely won't be done by Sept. 30th
Briar Rose
Tornado Quilt
5 family baby quilts
Dalin's Orange and Charcoal Quilt
Ellie's Out to Sea Quilt
A second quilt for Brian using Indian Summer (per his request)
S is for Stitch Quilt

Piecing Stage:
Swirling Star- Yeah, I haven't been satisfied with the layout of this particular quilt, so I'm still playing around with it. I still want two-tone, but maybe I'll end up cutting the whole thing to little bits and sewing it into chaos.

Bubba's Grandparent Quilt-Almost. It's half in the piecing/cutting stage.

Top Done:

Finished Quilts:

I'm realizing that I really need to just turn that wall back there into a design wall, but not sure the man will go for that.... Of course, I don't know how much he likes side-stepping partially pieced quilts on the floor either. Maybe I should add that to my planning WIP?

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  1. Nice projects! Not easy with those little helpers around. I could use some wall as well :-)

  2. I am loving the baby sized grandparents quilt and the swirling star is going to be gorgeous!

  3. I love the grandparents quilt! You have a ton going on! Pinspot has a huge fons and porter mat that she can lay on the gound or tape to her wall. You should get one. She can also just roll it up and the pieces stay in place. It is really cool.

  4. The grandparents cute is going to be fab! You don't have a ton going on, but you do have a ton planned! I'm excited to see more Tula.