Friday, July 12, 2013


Considering I'm an addict, it was all I could do to hold back from the's 40% off Michael Miller sale. There were more than a few prints I wanted in my hot little hands! I'll have to exercise self-control for the remainder of the week, since these cute little flowers are calling my name in every colorway!

So instead, I'll just have to pet my most recent purchases, which happened to be while I was on vacation and was a nice "welcome home" package on my counter.  

I got these two Kaffe shot cottons for the orange and gray quilt Dalin wants me to make him. They feel fantastic, but if you notice are both blues shot with orange to make a sort of gray.  With just this purchase, I can tell I need a color card before I buy any more of these particular shot cottons. I have no idea if the rest of the colors are just shot with orange or what? I wish the descriptions said the colors they were shot with. Oh well. I also want to try Oakshott cottons sometime.

Turns out that the gray I wanted to use for Dalin's quilt is PERFECT for the 'boys' version of the S is for Stitch. So there you go! It'll be the base for the embroidery.  I think the embroidery will really pop right on out of this fabric. What do you think? 

The top two pieces are for Dalin's quilt, the Dewberry and solid blue are for the backing of the Swirling Star, the gray is for Dalin's quilt, and the yellow is for a baby quilt. So that's that! And that will probably be that last of the fabric purchases I make for a while, since Brian put us on a tighter budget....  Which stinks even more since today my favorite site just announced they are stocking the FULL range of Aurifil threads. Which means I could've had a discount, ah well.


  1. The Les Amis is going to be fabulous! What sight has the Aurifil on sale? Have you used it before and do youthink there is a difference? I just bought 5 spools and have'nt tried them yet. I bought the color card for Kona and am SO glad I did. I would love to try the Kaffe shots and the Oakshotts. I wish we all lived closer so we could feel the different fabrics.

    1. Hawthorne Threads is now carrying the complete Aurifil line, they aren't on sale, but because I've bought so much fabric from them it automatically discounts everything by at least a quarter, which is nice.

  2. I have now commented on this three times. Apparently comments from the bloglovin app do not register.
    I love the grey shot cotton and think its perfect for les Amis and embroidery!
    I'm totally impressed you resisted! I thought for sure you were on the verge of placing a huge order!