Thursday, June 27, 2013

Died again!

Binding for this quilt.
I have been sewing a ton, I just don't have any finishes. But I am going to post pictures anyway.
Major progress on heathers quilt  30 of those blocks
I finished two blankies while cruising
And I started on my s is for stitch embroidery
So actually I have been quite busy just haven't finished any quilts! I don't like to post unless they are finished.
Btw  you two, are you all posting EVERY piece of fabric you purchase?


  1. I cannot even tell you how much I love ALL of these!! And I'm soooo happy to be starting my own S is for Stitch quilt!! THANK YOU!

  2. Eeeep! I was just trolling around on Pinterest and saw a few of your embroidered blocks from my book. Oh you just made me so very happy. :) Your stitching is beautiful. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! xo Kristyne

    1. Kristyne, I absolutely adore your embroidery work! Someday I hope my stitches are as beautiful as yours!