Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Sewing

Well, summer "officially" started last Wednesday for my kids. But really it started May 4th when most of my siblings came to visit. Sadly, my most favorite sister-with-two-kids left today. And while we had a FABULOUS time with her and her cute family staying at our house for a few weeks, I wasn't able to sew a stitch. But that didn't prevent me from imagining up quite a few quilts to work on this summer, starting with my second bundle of Notting Hill by Joel Dewberry. I may have a slight crush on this collection. Although I've loved everything the guy's created, so it's no surprise.

And perfectly, my copy of 'Simply Retro' by Camille Roskelley came in the mail today. Now, the description of this book is spot-on, classic blocks. This book is pretty much full of classic blocks like churn-dash, granny square, star blocks, pinwheels, modified nine patches, some doll houses, and much more. They are beautifully photographed and the instructions are clear. But honestly, there's maybe only two or three quilts that you cannot find a tutorial for online. So considering that I paid $13.95 when I preordered it, I guess that's less than I would've paid for two quilt patterns, so that's good. And she even has a pattern for a LARGE churn dash! I'm currently on the boat for large blocks, so I'll probably make it (although I should probably finish my red and white churn dash quilt first).

Anyway, this is what I'll be working on first, followed by cutting into my large stash of 'Out to Sea' for Ellie. What are you girls working on this summer?


  1. I love this fabric. I want that Simply Retro book, I should have pre-ordered it for $13.95. My goal is to get half of my WIPs done. This month I finished two of them, so I am well on my way!

    1. Well, your birthday is coming up :) And impressive finishing two WIP in a month!! Did we already see both??

    2. Yes, it was the quilt for Joyce's silent auction.

  2. My summer goal is to not kill any of my kids, either on purpose or accident.
    When you say "your second bundle of Notting Hill" do you mean you bought some, used it all up and then bought some more? WOW. The colors in that line are so fabulous. I'm dying to fussy cut up that red and turquoise kaleidoscopey tile print a la ginger monkey's spring carnival pillow.
    I, too, am loving large blocks.
    Can't wait to see your plans for Out to Sea!

    1. Hahaha! Not killing my kids...or dogs, is also a goal of mine. When I say second, I mean the second one after I used my first bundle. My first I made into those star quilts. And actually, I bought two more bundles, I'm using this one for my downstairs, then the other bundle as a quilt for my mom (she loves it too).

      My plans for Out to Sea are still plans...I'm kinda stuck on the quilty math part.... I hate math. XOXO