Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I finally ordered a layer cake of this line. I don't have any reason to buy it, no quilt in mind. I wanted it, and since Matt got me multi-vitamins for Mother's Day, I bought it for myself. MSQC had free shipping last week so it was only $27.45.

I have to say, there is one print in this stack I don't like. It's the turquoise and red plaid. Actually, it's ever color of that plaid, but the turquoise and red are my least favorite. Something about it looks a little... I dunno... cheap. What do you gals think? Am I nuts?


  1. It looks a little vinyl. But I must admit, overall, it's not my most favorite line of hers. There's a few prints I like, like the one right before the one you're showing, but the majority I just don't. I'm positive you'll turn the stack into something wonderful though!! Enjoy it!

  2. Oh yeah, I did mean to say something about multivitamins. Seriously? Why??

  3. Only multivitamins? So father's day should be a breeze! Man I would buy whatever fabric I wanted! I like this line, I bought it. I am taking camille's craftsy class and she uses this stack, the quilt is darling! So I am going to make it!

  4. Multivitamins....were they made of gold?

    1. RIGHT?!? Still haven't taken a one.