Thursday, April 11, 2013

Which iron is best?

Hi girls,
I want to buy a really nice iron for my quilting and have no idea where to turn.  Do you have any knowledge on irons?  Maybe Victoria Carlson has some insight.  What iron are you using?  Currently we have a top of the line from Costco iron that we use for our clothes, good for clothes but not SUPER for quilts.  Help!


  1. From my understanding, Oliso is supposed to be really good for quilting. I've seen really good "quilting" reviews, but on amazon it gets pretty bad reviews, so I don't know. I would look for something heavy, since quilters press more than iron. Good luck! Let me know what you find, because I'm going to need a new iron too.

  2. Stitched in Color asked the same question today! Check the comments on her post. I'm sure people had lots to say.