Wednesday, March 6, 2013

For the Man

My husband mentioned in passing that I've never made him a quilt. I've made one for every member of the family EXCEPT him.... And he feels a little left out. Whoops. We never really discuss quilting, because mainly, I don't really want him to know how much money I spend on it. Just like I don't ask the cost of his umpteenth gun that he just had to have because of blah, blah, blah. Pretty sure he actually uses the words "blah, blah, blah" when showing me the guns. Not that I don't like the guns, I do. And we go skeet shooting together on occasion, but it's his hobby. And I have my hobby. And sometimes you need something that is just to yourself. Anyway, back to the point.

I don't know if you've ever made a quilt for a man before. Not a baby boy, or a little kid. Not even a teenager...a full-fledged, grown man. And your husband, no less. Your gun-slinging, bookcase producing, industrial vibrating vehicle manufacturing, possum catching, kid snuggling, V10 truck driving, guy from SoCal turning redneck, 38 this year, man you've been married to for (almost) 15 years. It's intimidating to say the least.

Of course I was thrilled to be asked to make a quilt by my husband for my husband (not for his boss, like before). But then it hit me. I've gotta make a quilt for a man. And I want it to be thoughtful. And 'him'. This is going to be tough. And given the virtual lack of 'manly' prints, almost impossible. And by manly, I mean nothing even hinting at floral or "girly" in even the remotest sense (let's just ignore the fact that some of the prints I'm using are called 'pearl bracelet').

So I decided to go with the colors he likes and what I think fits him. He's got green eyes, he likes the outdoors, green is one of his favorite colors. So green it is. He likes to work with wood, so I added brown. And he likes the soothing color of blue. Lakes, oceans, rivers, all his favorites. Then I added in some 'metal' grays, because that's what he works with at work, metal. So there's my color palette: green, gray, blue, and brown. And this is the pattern I'm using. Which to me is a mix of organic and manufactured, which is the material he like to use when working. Wood and metal.

So I laid it all out and have been staring at it for two weeks, trying to figure out what is missing. I finally asked Brian if he liked it, cause I was making it for him. He shocked me by saying that some of the COLORS are "girly". "What?! The COLORS are girly?? Which colors!?" He didn't answer, one of the kids distracted him. And I've been stewing about it since. But no matter, cause "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit." In any case, something is still missing. Too many blues? Not enough greens or browns?

Pinspot, you do see three Lizzy House prints here. I've decided to give her another try. I'm really hoping not to be disappointed by the fading factor again. There's also some Dewberry, Les Amis, Sarah Jane, a houndstooth, and a Lecien print. And the yellow-green isn't as yellow as the iPad thinks (and shows). 


  1. This is hilarious! You've taken on quite a project. Remember, it's not easy for Brian to be happy, so don't be down that your colors aren't "perfect." I'd take out the blues if I were you. I'd guess he'd think those were the girly ones. You picked the PERFECT pattern for a man! So smart!!!
    Those pearl bracelets are hard to resist! I bet this quilt will see a lot less washing, maybe that will help the color.

  2. This is funny, I would take out the greens. Show him a bunch of fabric that matches these and have him pick out his favorites. I too LOVE the pattern, perfect man pattern!