Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Joel dewberry aviary 2

I finally finished brianne's quilt that was supposed to be for Christmas 2011!  I love the fabric, even if Sharon thinks its a wretched color, not yellow, gold!
Things I learned:
Very unfortunately I am not a good straight line quilter!
I LOVE my walking foot, it was totally worth $150, on sale!
Large quilts are very hard to quilt on my little bernina, I probably will stick with baby quilt!


  1. I ADORE this!! LOVE IT!!

  2. That was number one. Number two...why in tarnation was your walking foot 150 BUCKS!?! And number three...we all know that's yellow :) I have a few of those fabrics, it's clearly yellow, NOT like the Tuscan gold that is my kitchen. Ugh. Gotta change that quick!

  3. It turned out SOOOO great. Does B love it? That fabric is fabulous, and not GOLD! I could never own a Bernina because I could never spend $150 on a walking foot. I think my machine cost $186.