Monday, January 21, 2013

Pesky Triangle Scraps

While making my first Goose in the Corner blocks it occurred to me that I could easily use the little triangles I had to trim. Cause what the heck are you supposed to do with small triangle scraps?

A small line of stitching down the right edge before I trimmed them turned them into this:

I'm sure they have an official name, I don't know it. (Pardon me, my novice is showing.)

It's the perfect half of a fancy pinwheel block that I've been wanting to make.

Again, I'm sure it has a real name. Find the Moda Bake Shop tutorial for that quilt here.

So now I've got a quick side project. Perhaps a pillow? My triangle scraps plus eight 4" squares of fabric leftover from the FQ's I used for the QAL will make four of those fancy pinwheel blocks. How's this for a match-up?

 I wish I could get my hands on just one fat quarter of Indie in the cooler colorway.   This could use a little teal.

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